Monday, 13th July 2020
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In today's fast paced society, almost anything is available on demand - entertainment, cuisine, information and even landscaping.

The constraints and, to be honest, impatience, do not enable us to properly nurture and establish our gardens, yet the desire to keep up with trends is strong.
Don't despair; with the correct preparation and professional assistance, a flourishing garden can be created practically overnight.

The most important ingredient for a great garden which will add immensely to the value of your greatest investment, your home, is the DESIGN. The first step to a successful garden whether it be an entirely new garden or a garden which needs to be re-vamped is a THEME. Without a THEME there is no DESIGN and without DESIGN there is no IMPACT!
When deciding on a theme, consideration should be given to aspects such as the architecture of the home, its resident's preferences, the climate and the location of the garden. The selection of plants is of great importance, an endless array of plants of all different types and sizes are available. Foliage must be carefully selected to ensure that it is suitable for replanting and that it does not overgrow with time. Seek assistance from a landscaper, your local nursery or a horticulturist. Hardy tropical plants such as cycads, palms and ferns adapt well to new conditions and create aesthetically striking focal points. Lower plants, including ground covers and grasses, should be clustered together for fullness.
Should your garden need a face lift and it is necessary to relocate plants, remember that the most important consideration when transplanting mature foliage or shrubbery is to keep the roots intact during handling. A square hole of suitable size should be prepared and fertilised, with soil then packed densely around the transplanted roots.


Instant lawn, which is readily available, can be laid out once the planting is complete and this gives an instant garden effect.
Hard landscaping is being used more and more in gardening today, elements of which are, paths, patios, walls, stepping stone pathways and pebble features which are ideal for softening rough edges while protecting both the plants and the lawn.

A multitude of accessories such as statues, pots, ornaments, arches, trellis and fences can be installed quickly and enhance the aesthetic value of a garden.
This is the perfect time of the year to undertake any hard landscaping projects in the garden. Give it a go; let your creativity work for you. By the time spring arrives you will have a garden which will be a source of great personal satisfaction to you. Happy gardening!

Once the garden is installed, it is important to fertilise and water sufficiently to ensure that your garden will flourish for years to come.

Without a THEME there is no DESIGN and without DESIGN there is no IMPACT!

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