Friday, 14th August 2020
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Sitting Pretty

Sitting Pretty

This month Renaldo Pardini highlights the usefulness of a bench

Choose the right view
A well positioned bench invites quiet contemplation and allows you to enjoy your garden. When positioning a bench, consider the view as well as how it will look in its garden setting, the type of seating you choose will depend on how formal a garden you have.

Keep it wind free.
A bench blasted by the wind is never going to temp anyone in search of a peaceful spot in the garden, make sure any seating is protected from the prevailing wind by either placing it in a sheltered spot or by growing a wind-break of shrubs or trees. To soften the edges of a concrete bench, use plants and greenery. Allow the plants to grow up, around and over it, for comforts sake however clip the ivy back regularly to stop it covering the bench.

Create a sense of enclosure.
A bench surrounded on three sides by a hedge creates a wonderful sense of privacy which hints at romantic conversation in the garden. Consider how the leaves and flowers of a shrub smell before planting close to any seating.


Unless you particularly want a ramshackle, weather beaten look in your garden, keep all outdoor furniture in good condition. Fix bench slats that rot or come loose and above all make sure the ground beneath a bench is firm, no one likes to sit on a wobbly bench.

Considering materials.
Some building materials are longer lasting then others, so if you are after hassle free garden furniture a concrete bench is probably your best option, wooden benches look great but need to be maintained, unless you decide to leave them untreated for a more natural look.

When sitting in a garden it is always best to have something of interest to look at, one way of attracting birds into your garden is a bird bath it can be fun to sit on a well positioned, favourite bench and enjoy watching them splashing around. Single sculptures, a group of figures or even a collection of amusing figurines will all add a focus of interest.

Mosaics can be embedded into walls and floors or used as a surface decoration for structures such as brick built benches and tables, use either traditional glass tiles, ceramic tiles or even items such as pebbles, shells or broken crockery. 

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