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Come to the Kasbah

Come to the Kasbah

More and more people are choosing to opt-out of the traditional Christmas celebrations and go in search of the more exotic locations to spend the holidays.

Statistic tell us, that the traditional family Christmas is fast becoming a thing of the past in many households, with the number of modern couples choosing to put career before marriage and children, the old and recognised family traditions are now seen as somewhat passé.

The same scenario may be applied to those who have raised a family and elect not to become the venue for grandchildren and in-laws, until death do them part. So where do these singletons and hip grandparents go to don the paper hat and pull the wish bone?

Living in the south of Spain we have the exotic right on our doorstep and, with such locations as Marrakech, Casablanca, Tangiers and Fez just across the straights, the allure of the mysterious and vibrant Moorish kingdom is well within your reach.

Populated by the fierce and indigenous Berbers and conquered by the Arabs 1,300 years ago, Morocco is the bridge between Europe and Africa and the gate to black Africa. Morocco is a country with a rich and diverse history, a country where Jews and Arabs have flourished side by side for over 1,000 years. With the magnificent Atlas mountains, lush oasis, a glimpse of the Sahara desert and fabulous earthen architecture. Morocco also offers some of the world’s oldest and most sophisticated city’s, Marrakech, Rabat, Meknes, Asilah and Fez which is often called the worlds best example of a living medieval city.

Tangier is one of the oldest city’s in Morocco, as well as being our nearest neighbour (Just 17 Kilometres away) made a capital city by the Romans, occupied by the Arabs and invaded by Vandals and Visigoths, before being controlled by both the Spanish and Portuguese. In the early part of the 20th century, Tangier was an international city whose tax-free status and cosmopolitan image attracted European and American artists and writers, Tangier is very much a tourist town, the beach having a great setting, with a several kilometre long curve, with the white houses of Tangier itself as a frame. This tiny sea-port on the North West coast of Morocco was visited by Phoenician traders some 3,000 years ago, it was the Romans however who gave Tangier its name and it was known in Roman as Tengris or Tanjah in Arabic.

By the sixteenth century four pirate kingdoms controlled the coast line of North Africa, known as the Barbary pirates or Corsairs. These pirates plundered merchant ships that plied the Mediterranean and as a result Tangier was tossed about like a political hot potato between Spain, Portugal and Britain.


With such a diverse and rich history, it comes as no surprise that Tangier has an almost magnetic appeal to those seeking the more exotic and mysterious holiday destination. If however the hectic pace of Tangiers is too daunting, there are other fabulous locations within a very short drive from the sea ports.

With the bustling cities of Tangier and Tetouan as close neighbours, it is surprising that the beautiful old town of Asilah has managed to remain a haven of peace and tranquillity. Asilar feels and looks a lot like a Spanish village in Andalucia; it is a lovely old and very clean whitewashed town on the Atlantic coast. The town has a quiet feel and makes for a good stop off, being close enough to Tangier to make a day trip from Spain. The towers and ramparts of the town give the impression that time has stood still.

Asilah was the first town to fall to the Portuguese and has a very old and diverse history, with rambling alley ways and some beautiful views; this is one town for simply strolling around and taking a breather after the noise and bustle of Tangiers. There are many fine restaurants on the main street, Hassan II, serving fresh seafood and even Paella. With many other exiting towns and cities within a short drive from Tangiers, Morocco is a fantastic location for a day trip or even a longer stay.

One thing is for sure, once you discover the magic of Morocco, you will want to come back. Travelling to Morocco couldn’t be easier and one of the best services is provided by “FRS Iberia”, the connection Tarifa-Tanger takes just 35 minuets, with other sailings from Algeciras or Gibraltar taking 70 minuets and 80 minuets respectively.

FRS Iberia offers a free bus service for foot passengers between Tarifa and Algeciras upon presentation of your ferry boarding pass. On board the high speed catamaran, services include duty-free, plus a snack bar or cafeteria and all staff speak English, French and Arabic. As a really special treat, why not treat yourself and up to three others to a special private VIP trip? FRS off ers you an unforgettable stay, visiting the Kasbah, hunting for bargains in an authentic Souk or Bazaar with an English speaking guide and a delicious Moroccan lunch at an all inclusive price. Th ere is a provision for larger groups and this can be arranged by contacting FRS Iberia direct.

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