Tuesday, 14th July 2020

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Lets Keep our sunny side UP!

Let´s Keep our sunny side UP!

This year the tourist season has been poor.

Well, before you know it will be Xmas again and I am sorry to say: - “I told you so!”.

This has been the worst summer for tourism I have ever known! Despite what the tourist offices might like you to believe, the truth is plain enough to see in the streets, hotels, restaurants, car hires and… the banks. Now that the residential tourists have gone for their holidays, the pinch can be clearly seen as well as felt.

Some seem to have started learning their lesson, lowering their prices and making an effort to be more pleasant and service minded but that is just too little, too late. Let’s hope that the lesson has been learned to preserve residential tourism.


Letting certain countries into the EU has not helped our economy and it would seem has contributed to increasing a level of crime, unheard of before. Perhaps those who have chosen Turkey, Bulgaria etc. might tell us in time if that was a wise move.

By the way, no there is no mistake; parts of this issue are the same as July’s because we had to print much earlier than usual on account of staff holidays, leaving little time to update all articles.

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