Thursday, 4th June 2020
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Would Jackson really kill himself?

Would Jackson really kill himself?

Think about it! Do not open any mail that encloses his suicide note. You might regret it if you do.

Another sick mind is behind this virus, exploiting celebrity names on the news in an attempt to infect as many people as possible.

The message hopes to catch people’s attention because of the huge interest in the on-going child abuse trial. The fake message contains a web link that supposedly links to Mr. Jackson’s suicide note. But anyone clicking on the link will have their PC invaded by a virus that gives others access to that machine.

Infectious link
The message was first discovered on the 10th June and many copies of the e-mail have already seen circulating online.


The malicious message does not use a technical trick or loophole to infect machines. It relies on tricking users into infecting themselves.

Those who click on the link in the fake e-mail to see the supposed suicide note will get a message suggesting that the site hosting it is busy.

Do not click
The "busy" message is a diversionary tactic while, unseen, a virus is being downloaded on to a user’s machine. It is a variant of the Borobt-Gen Trojan which gives the virus’ creator a backdoor into infected machines.

P.S. Also beware of the email from eBay warning you that your account has been suspended. It’s a fake. Do not click on the link they send you or you will regret your action.

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